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  1. Hi
    I veryt much enjoyed looking at your website, you have some great looking dogs.

    I have been a fan of spinoni for over 10 years now, but can't give enough time due to work etc to have any breed!

    I am finding myself in need of a spinone fix. periodically I like to re familiarise myself with what is happening with the breed and look for breeders near by. I may ask to come and meet you soon if that's ok as i believe I can never know too much about spinoni :)

    I grew up with labradors which are a fantastic breed in their own right, and really miss the companionship and the daily exercise lol. I fancied a change though and started looking at different brreds and kept coming back to working and field breeds

    I met my first spinoni when I was at university over 10 years ago and have my heart set on owning one in the future

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  2. Lovely website, congrats on the puppies, very sweet !!!

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  3. Congratulations !!
    We wish you all the best for your little puppies and their mum!

    Ilka and Sara / Flavia del Passo di Dante

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  4. Enjoyed visiting your site and reading about your Spinoni.
    Best Wishes

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  5. Love your dogs and your website, fantastic 8-))

    Good luck with your future plans and shows 8-)

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