Dewdhala Figlio Di Una Pesca (Bertie)

Bertie stayed here with us at Dewdhala more information about Bertie can be found here

picmonkey collage bertie


Dewdhala Forza Della Pesche (Gideon)

     Owned and Loved By Steve & Sue Aldrich  

                                                                                                        picmonkey collage gideon black                           

photo (6) 

Photo courtesy of S & S Aldrich

Gideon is truly a dual purpose Spinone he is showing good potential in the field  and  continues to make us extremly proud in his gundog training, he will hopefully make his apperance in the show ring Autumn 2012.

Dewdhlala Spirito Di Una Pesche (Homer)

Owned and Loved by the Rowland Family

picmonkey collage homer


Dewdhala Io Sono Pesche Due (Lucca)

Owned and Loved By the Bachini Family

 picmonkey collage lucca 2


Dewdhala Amore Di Una Pesche (Florence)

Owned and Loved By the Platts Family

picmonkey collage florence 


Dewdhala Aria Di Una Pesche (Aria aka Pie)

Aria has stayed here at Dewdhala more information can be found on the Bitches page 

 picmonkey collage pie


Dewdhala Angle Di Una Pesche (Bella)

Owned and Loved By the Waggot Family

 picmonkey collage bella lemon


Dewdhala Amica Di Una Pesche (Annie)

Owned and Loved By The Clare Family

picmonkey collage annie black