Montecani He's A Peach For Dewdhala 
D.O.B: 11th December 2009
Montecani Giannini x Montecani Just Peachy
           CA: Clear Assumed (Both Parents Clear)
  Hip Score: 8:6
         Show Results
           Crufts 2011 & 2012 qualified
Best Stud Dog ISCGB Champioin Show 2013
          1 x BOB & Puppy Group 2
         2 x BPIB
          1x Best AVNSC puppy
        1x Best Puppy Dog in Breed
1000986_10200977485592164_1627181033_n (2)
Henry has a wonderful temprement and excells in the field, he especially enjoys water training and is in any stretch of water he happens across , he loves nothing better than hunting and retrieving, a proper water baby.
He has produced two gorgeous littes with Annabelle some of whom are currently doing us proud in the showring and following in their Pappa's paw steps  in the field.
Henry is lightly shown these days as he prefers to be in the field, but below are a few of Henry's critiques.
ISCGB Championship Show 2013
Judge: Helen Barnette
Best Stud Dog
South Wales
Judge Jean Lanning
good head & eye, excellent coat, has time to firm in front & finish well, grand pattern.
 Judge Shona Mcpherson
Another nice sized puppy with a good square out line. Lovely lean head with correct head planes.  Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders.  Excellent coat and skin.  Moved well.
 M-HesAPeach (2)
 National Gundog
Judge Carolyn Fry
 lovely balanced head, beautiful, expressive eye with clear divergence of head planes and marked inter-parietal crest at back-skull.  Correct ears, set on level with the eyes.  Loved his bone, square outline, jacket and thick skin, together with the flow of line from occiput to tip of tail.  Tail set on at the required 30-35 degree angle, This young male was the most balanced of the exhibits at this stage, both standing and moving, and although his inadequate muscle-condition produced a slightly close hock action when moving, he was very pleasing in profile.  I imagine that he has pretty much completed his height growth – now isthe time to tone up that Lovely strong frame!
Blackpool Championship Show
Judge Mike Gadsby
Orange in a similar mould to 1, would prefer eyes to darken a fraction which could do in time, lovely shoulders & upper arm, strong neck, good rib, topline & backend, a really promising puppy albeit soft & loose at this moment in time.
M-HesAPeach (4) 
           Henry is available at stud to approved bitches only, if you would like further details please
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